Why Goat Yoga?

We have raised dairy and fiber goats for 5+ years on our small off-grid homestead in Douglas County. Originally our herd was socialized to be easy to manage while milking and shearing. Most of them being fed by hand since birth. Our dairy herd produces rich creamy milk which we then turn into hand crafted all natural soaps. And our angora herd has long soft curls that are sheared twice a year and then handspun into mohair yarns. Every year baby goat season comes up and so do our friends and family for lengthy visits to get in some snuggles and interact with the goats.

It became apparent the effect the goats had on everyone’s’ emotional states. Goats have a funny way of bringing you out of a funk. They’re curious, friendly and all around playful. So, we dove a little deeper into how our animals could be seen by the public and spread that joy a little further thru the valley.

In comes YOGA!

My personal experience with Yoga has been transformational in more ways than one. Yoga has helped me with anxiety, all over body soreness (due to that farmer lifestyle) and self-esteem issues. Yoga allowed me to stay present in the moment thru intentional breathing and with a routine and easy sequence of poses I was able to feel better about myself inside and out. The idea that yoga is for every BODY rings true to me and I hope to share that with others as well. That being said, I dove into yoga teachers training completing a 200+ hour certification in Vinyasa, Yin and Prenatal yoga. With the hope of being able to help anyone and everyone find a love for yoga or just a deeper love for themselves. With my training I hope to bring the best of both the goat world and yoga to everyone in the Pacific Northwest.